SUNDAYS | 11 AM | Ed Basement

A course traditionally for 6th graders, designed to help them understand what following Jesus is all about. See below for FAQs.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is an intentional spiritual formation program that takes 6th graders through the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective. After a semester of formation, led by a team of dedicated leaders, our 6th graders are given the opportunity to personally respond to Jesus’ call to live as a disciple. The semester culminates with the Confirmation Service, where the sixth graders who have chosen to be confirmed profess their faith and are confirmed into the Christian faith and the United Methodist Church.

Who can participate?

Any 6th grader may participate. Attendance will be tracked and all participants will be required to make at least 75% of the program.

Do we have to be Mungarians?

No, and friends are welcome to attend with your student!

When does it start and end?

Confirmation will meet weekly from August 20 to December 17. Confirmation class meets at 11am in the Ed Basement every Sunday. The Rite of Confirmation Service will be held on January 21, 2024.

Do I need a Bible?

Yes, but we don't expect anyone to go out and buy one if they don't have one already. We would be happy to provide a Bible if needed!

Does it cost anything?

Yes, Confirmation is $50. There are scholarships available.

What if I'm not sure what I believe?

We definitely want you to join us! Confirmation is meant to help young people just like you! Munger Place Church is a place where all people and all questions are welcome!

Questions? Email Sean McDonald: