SUNDAYS | 11 AM | Ed Basement

A 13-week course traditionally for 6th graders, designed to help them understand what following Jesus is all about. See below for FAQs and registration information.

What is Confirmation?

When young Mungarians leave our church and graduate from high school, we want them to be filled with love, eager to serve, and confident in their faith. Confirmation is one of the things we do to prepare our young people for the wider world.

It is a 13-week course in which we tackle the hard questions about the faith (“How can we know there is a God? Can we really trust the Bible? How does prayer work?” etc.) in an environment specifically designed for 6th-8th graders in a way that encourages openness and curiosity.

Parents are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to attend a parent Confirmation cohort as well, which meets at the same time as the youth course. The purpose of the cohort is threefold: 1) To set the framework for continued spiritual conversation at home 2) To give parents an opportunity to meet, encourage, and pray for one another 3) To give Munger Youth Staff an opportunity to establish relationships with the parents of the 6th grade class.

Who can participate?

Any 6th grader and their parents may participate. Attendance will be tracked throughout the year and all participants will be required to make at least 75% of the program to be confirmed in December 2021.

Do we have to be Mungarians for our 6th grader to participate?

No, and friends are welcome to attend with your student! (We take the attendance requirement seriously, though, so be sure you can commit to being there on a weekly basis.)

When does it start and end?

This school year we have one 13-week session in the fall.

The Fall Session will meet weekly from Sunday, August 15 through Sunday, November 14. Confirmation Sunday will be 5pm on December 5th. The class meets during the 11AM Service.

Do I need a Bible?

Yes, but we don't expect anyone to go out and buy one if they don't have one already. We would be happy to provide a bible if needed!

Does it cost anything?

No, Confirmation is FREE, but you MUST register to attend.

What if I'm not sure what I believe?

We definitely want you to join us! Confirmation is meant to help young people and parents just like you! The typical questions young people (and adults) are wrestling with are definitely going to be covered.