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What We Believe

What We Want East Dallas to Know About Us:

We believe that Dallas doesn’t necessarily need more card-carrying Christians; what Dallas needs are more people who are living like Jesus.

We believe that commitment to faith in Jesus isn’t a finish line: it’s the starting line, and the subsequent life of faith is about God’s gracious work to change us from the heart outward.

We believe that being a Christian ought to mean that you are becoming more courageous and less fearful, more generous and less greedy, and more about reconciliation and less racist.

We believe that there is no one whose life disqualifies him or her from beginning to follow Jesus; we also believe that there is no part of our lives that Jesus isn’t asking us to turn over to his Lordship.

What It Means to Be Methodist:

Munger is a United Methodist congregation, the East Dallas campus of Highland Park UMC.

As Methodists, we believe that living like Jesus is paramount.

United Methodists are part of the larger Christian faith and affirm all of the historic beliefs of the faith as articulated in the historic creeds of the church. We affirm the God of Israel who has been decisively revealed in Jesus of Nazareth and continues to be present and at work in our lives in the form of the Holy Spirit. This understanding of God is known as the Trinity. We believe that God has been revealed through the Bible.

To read more about the history of the Methodist movement and about our founder, John Wesley, click here.