Our History

The original Munger Place Methodist Church was founded in 1913, and the beautiful sanctuary built in 1925. For years it was one of the largest and most influential churches in Dallas. In the latter part of the 20th century, however, the section of Dallas called Old East Dallas went through a long period of decline, and so did the church.

By the summer of 2009 the former Munger Place congregation could no longer afford to keep its doors open, and the larger United Methodist church organization in North Texas stepped in. Nearby Highland Park United Methodist agreed to assume responsibility of the Munger Place site, with the understanding that HPUMC would raise the money necessary to renovate the building, and that as soon as possible, HPUMC would plant a new congregation in the old Munger Place building. It was really important to everyone involved that the legacy of Munger Place would continue, and that Munger would continue to be a great neighborhood church. The idea was that Munger Place Church would be an extension campus of Highland Park United Methodist, in the same way that the University of Texas at Dallas is an extension campus of the larger University of Texas system.

In October of 2010, after extensive renovations, a new congregation was launched out of the old Munger Place church building: Munger Place Church. Today, Munger Place Church stands as a symbol of resurrection and renewal for the surrounding community. Expect great things!