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Kate Miner

Kate Miner

Worship Director / Music Leader

Kate Miner Moebel is an artist who "can't separate her performance from the song.  The song, singer, and performance are one and the same, inseparable," said Chuck Plotkin, who has produced a host of artists, including Bruce Springsteen.  Kate also refuses to compartmentalize her life – thus, her art, spirituality, humanity, and her calling from God are inextricably entertwined.  Her listeners experience this raw transparency in her music, which crosses all demographic boundaries and cuts swiftly to the listener’s heart; she can “move you and soothe you in equal measure," wrote Chris Willman of the L.A. Times.

Kate’s singing career began when, at the tender age of four, she sang a solo in church.  By age ten, she was doing vocal work on television commercials, and shortly after she turned twenty-one, her relocation to Los Angeles paid off with a record deal at Word Records and an impressive co-publishing / development deal with Sony Music Publishing.

During her early career, Kate sang with Tonio K, Pierce Pettis, Christopher Williams, Michelle Pillar, Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, The Choir, and FunderburkMiner, and in 1992 was named Female Acoustic Artist of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters.  Despite this initial wave of success, Kate found herself at a career crossroads in 1997, with one highway hurtling her toward music celebrity and another winding path urging her toward the music ministry she was finding increasingly more gratifying and meaningful than anything Hollywood might offer.  Kate’s friend Susan Munao, also then her manager, sensed Kate's growing tension and challenged her career vision; an initially-reluctant Kate eventually admitted God’s call and her reticence was soon reconciled; she ultimately called her new career focus "the reason I was born."  

Following that “re-vision,” Kate has been moving ahead with no hesitation, no apologies, and no looking back, building steadily upon the foundation she laid during her 10 years as the music director at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Malibu, California (home of Jason Wade/LifeHouse and Kendall Payne).  During this period, Kate’s artistry exploded, and she began crafting the emotional and passionate worship style that has completely reinvented the role of the modern worship leader.

Kate’s tenure at Vineyard led to two albums in 1999, but the success was bittersweet: her mother was diagnosed with and succumbed to brain cancer in the same year.  Her third record during that period, “Old Hymns My Mom Loves,” was not only a loving tribute to her mother and a spiritual legacy she passed to her kids, but its sales also provided the means to pay her mother’s enormous medical bills.

Just two short months later, Kate began pre-production on what would become her most passionate and definitive worship recording, "Live from the Sunset Strip," recorded at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood.  It quickly became a landmark worship album, garnering praise from critics and fans alike.  Never one content to rest on her laurels, September 2001 marked yet another recording, this one a collection of previously-unreleased tracks taped between 1989-99, which she calls "the journey that led to 'Live' " and which she has wittily subtitled "These Could've Been My Greatest Hits."  In 2006 she released “Prodigal Martha,” an emotional and stirring rumimation following a serious vocal chord surgery and, most recently, “Songs,” a sort of Greatest Hits Never Heard, Vol. 2.

Kate has been a front runner in worship leading and is especially excited as the number of female worship leaders continues to grow around the world.  Though she keeps her gaze steady on God and her focus on serving him in the Munger/East Dallas community, she admits that she struggles daily with surrender and fails most days at forgiveness, yet through it all remains convinced that He is on the throne.  She is also COMPLETELY in love with being a wife and mother and step-mother and artist.


-Hannah, 28, the mother of Tucker, Charlotte, and Shep – the best kids ever – and co-founder/singer/songwriter of Riddle & Cole

-Liv, 21 and Henry 18, of the infamous Liv and the Drummer, a Led Zepplin-influenced rock band gaining its own following in the music halls of Deep Ellum

-Ethan, 14, who was the true academic of the family until his orchestral tuba stylings earned him a spot at Booker T. Washington School of Performing Arts

I love movies.  I love GOING to movies.  I love movie POPCORN mixed with Milk Duds (I do NOT share).  I like standing in line, I like looking at people as they leave to see what they thought of the movie.  I like foreign movies.  I like critically acclaimed and commercially trashed movies.  There is almost no movie I won’t pay to see.  I think that movies, like children, should all be given an audience first, and THEN you can decide them when necessary.

Indian is my favorite, but I canNOT cook it.  HOWEVER, I make a mean chocolate soufflé! And for the right price, I will make one for YOU!

Yes, I like it. Aimee Mann. Andrea Bocelli. The Rat Pack. Rufus Wainwright. The Osmonds. Rascal Flatts. 

I don’t have one I guess – but I’m highly enamored with most everything that comes out of my mouth.