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Come Home

Rebel.  Lost.  Skeptic.  Rejected.

Maybe you left because you wanted freedom to do what you wanted.
Maybe you left for a day but have wandered for a decade.Maybe you left because your questions drove you away.Maybe you left because you weren't welcome anymore.

Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance, whether you are a wanderer or you know one, maybe it's time to Come Home.

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Eat This Book

If we are honest, for many of us the Bible is like broccoli: we know it's good for us, and we'd like to like it--honestly, we would!--but we just don't.  So, every January we grit our teeth and start a Bible reading plan for the year, and...we quit by Valentine's Day. 

But what if there were a better way to read the Bible?  What if we are going about about our Bible reading the wrong way?  Join us for Eat This Book, a sermon series for people who don't like to read the Bible.

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What does it look like to offer your whole life, to hold nothing back?

It looks like learning to offer everything you have: your failures and your successes, your pain and not just your joy, your struggles, worries, difficulties. It looks, in fact, an awful lot like David.

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