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He spent 3 years with Jesus. He watched Jesus work, heard him teach, and walked with him in Galilee. He was there on the night in which Jesus was taken to be crucified; fearing for his own life, he denied ever even knowing him. And after the greatest miracle in history, Jesus forgave him. 

Before this man died, he passed on the testimony of what he had seen and heard. 

The Gospel of Mark is that testimony.

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It’s one of the most extraordinary life stories you’ll ever hear:

Vicious family drama, attempted murder, false accusation, years in prison.

Then, an almost unimaginable redemption.

And through it all, God is silent.

But not absent...


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Come Home

Rebel.  Lost.  Skeptic.  Rejected.

Maybe you left because you wanted freedom to do what you wanted.
Maybe you left for a day but have wandered for a decade.Maybe you left because your questions drove you away.Maybe you left because you weren't welcome anymore.

Whatever the reason, whatever the circumstance, whether you are a wanderer or you know one, maybe it's time to Come Home.

Sermons in this Series