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Overscheduled?  Overworked?  Frantically trying to fit it all in?

Maybe it’s time to unclutter your soul.  Maybe it’s time to simplify.

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Here at Munger, we want to love our neighbors and impact East Dallas. But like one guy in the Bible, we’re asking, “Who is my neighbor?”

On May 3rd, you and 199 other Mungarians have the chance to set out on foot to figure this out. We’ll start with a brief training at Munger at 3:30 pm. Sign up here, to reserve your spot today!

And Who is my Neighbor?

What does it mean to be a neighbor? Some of us will knock on doors and ask people questions like, “Why did you move to East Dallas? What’s your favorite thing about our neighborhood? What would you like to change?” Others will head to the park with a soccer ball, ready for a pick up game. And some will be in small groups, walking and praying for our neighbors and our church. Will you join us?


Sermons in this Series