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The Bible Project: Acts

Rodney Stark raises one of the most important questions in history:

"Jesus was a teacher and miracle worker who spent nearly all of his brief ministry in the tiny and obscure province of Galilee, often preaching to outdoor gatherings. A few listeners took up his invitation to follow him, and a dozen or so became his devoted disciples, but when he was executed by the Romans his followers probably numbered no more than several hundred. How was it possible for this obscure Jewish sect to become the largest religion in the world?”  —from The Triumph of Christianity

The Book of Acts tells the story of the rise of the early church. (Acts is also one of the most interesting books in the Bible.)

In our series on Acts, we’re looking at two inter-related questions:

What was the original mission of the church?

And, what is God’s mission for me?

If you’ve ever felt that the modern institutional church has gotten away from it’s original mission, this series is for you.

If you’ve struggled to know what God’s mission for you is--right now where you are in life—this series is for you.

Sermons in this Series

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Was to Is

2017 / Rev Andrew Forrest


The Idol Has No Clothes

2017 / Rev Andrew Forrest


Love Goes First in Antioch

2017 / Rev Andrew Forrest


How to Handle Persecution

2017 / Rev Andrew Forrest



2017 / Rev Andrew Forrest