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Baptism is a Starting Line—It’s How We Begin

Like physical birth, baptism is a beginning; the Christian life, both for infants and adults, is the subsequent ongoing response of giving more of ourselves to more of God.

Baptism is a Sacrament—It Does Something

Baptism, along with Holy Communion, is one of two sacraments of the church. A sacrament is a channel through which God’s grace is specially made available to us. The sacraments are of course powerful symbols, but they are also more than symbols, in that they also do something, namely convey to us the grace of God. The sacraments are not just signs, then, but

because God has chosen to use them, the physical elements of water, bread, and wine (along with the words of the rituals) are sign-acts of divine love. They are a kind of divine “show and tell”. - Fenton, 2007, 13

In our tradition, the sacrament of baptism is not merely a powerful symbol, but it is an act that achieves something.

Baptism is How We Become Part of the People of God

Lane Farley and his son Cole were baptized at Munger on May 3, 2015. [video credit: Kurt Neale]


Baptism is the way we are initiated into the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, and into the church, the Body of Christ (cf. Rom. 6:3-5). We’re buried with Christ in his death and raised with Christ to new life. Because baptism initiates the baptized person into the church and, as a church, we take vows to help them grow in the faith, we require that the parents of any baptized infant or child too young to make a decision for him or herself, be members of Munger Place Church.


Infant: February 11

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  • To schedule a baptism for your infant (birth to Pre-K), register here.
  • To be baptized as an adult or baptize your child (Kindergarten to 12th grade), contact Forrest Deviney


Mark your calendar for January 21. We will host a Baptism Class for kids (with their parents) at 4pm and adults at 5pm. (If you and your child are both getting baptized, you'll get "credit" for attending the kids class.)


February 18 is our next Joining Service. On this day, we will baptize Mungarians ages Kinder and up! Ready to take the next step?

Contact Forrest Deviney